Solar Project Coordinator

The Solar Project Coordinator will manage solar installations from the time the job is released from engineering to the time it is fully installed. Work as the "hub" of each project, dealing with engineering, operations, installation, sales, and most importantly, the customer. Responsible for a positive customer experience and constant communication with the customer throughout the entire process, while navigating this delicate time frame with the customer in a professional manner, and in the best interest of the company. Project Coordinator is also responsible for performing thorough site assessments, kicking off design with the engineering team, acquiring appropriate permits in a timely fashion, coordinating with procurement on product availability, working with the construction team for scheduling, making sure customer is in the loop on all of the above, and assisting the assigned sales team to general tasks as-needed.

Duties include (but not limited to):

· Managing all aspects of the projects, from the moment the project is released from engineering to the day the systems are fully installed

· Customer service–the main purpose of this position is to maximize a positive customer experience. Referrals are a large part of our business, and maintaining our reputation and brand comes above all else.

· Work with sales department on the strategy in dealing with the customers–these relationships can be very delicate

· Assist sales department with trade shows, filling out paperwork, and other general tasks as needed

· Work with the procurement department on timing of materials

· Work with the installation department on scheduling the construction

· Work with local utilities for interconnection applications

· Work with local townships and counties for zoning and permitting applications

· Maintain a proactive, outgoing, positive, and social persona

· Continuous improvement of productivity, process, efficiency, and organization–the success of this position will go hand in hand with developing an organized and prioritized approach.

· Perform detailed site assessments by traveling to a project site, following a list of instructions, and acquiring the required information to fully design the solar array

· All other duties, responsibilities, and activities as assigned


· Take full ownership of projects, and ensure their success even if it means going above and beyond the norm to accomplish them

· Fluent use of Microsoft Office tools (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.) and other company software

· Multi-task and manage several projects at once

· Day travel up to 50% and Overnight-travel up to 10%

· Work well in a team environment

· Expected to perform tasks well and in a timely manner.

· Expected to be organized, work efficiently, and be a great communicator.

Valid Driver’s License

Springfield IL and surrounding areas

Entry Level

HS Diploma or GED Perfered

$36,000 per year