Land Leasing Opportunities

Lease Your Land for Solar

For years we have specialized in powering your farm and saving you money; now let us discuss leasing your land for larger utility-scale solar farms. You already know who we are, so before you sign a lease with an out-of-state company, call us to learn the benefits of using a local, well-known company. We take an honest and realistic approach to leasing your land.

Solar Farm Land Leasing

Why Lease your Land for Solar?

Harvest Solar is a family owned Michigan-based solar provider with a deep passion for supporting the agricultural community and fostering the growth of renewable energy. As advocates for solar energy, we are dedicated to providing our Michigan communities with the benefits of solar:

  • Long-term passive income
  • Add additional wealth to your retirement plan
  • Clean, safe, quiet and affordable renewable energy
  • No hassle for landowner – we work with your local township and utility
  • Support clean energy resources for your community

Land Lease for Solar Farms Now Available

  • Contact us today for more information on this incredible opportunity.
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