Allie Loschen

Territory Manager - Illinois

Allie is the Territory Sales Manager in Illinois for Harvest Solar. Allie is a native to the State of Illinois where she has spent most of her life in the in the agriculture industry as a part of a fifth-generation farming operation. With a current residency on her family farm in Central Illinois, Allie and her family spearhead operations for raising cattle, corn, and soybeans. Armed with gumption, knowledge, and experience within the solar and agricultural industries, Allie joined the Harvest Solar team in 2019 to expand education and her personal testimony to the industries and communities that Harvest Solar serves. Allie strives to uphold the highest standard of customer service as she is a solar energy customer herself. The Loschen Family invested in an elevated solar energy system for their own farming operation in 2018 to reduce overhead costs while providing an enhanced quality of life for their cattle. After experiencing and realizing the benefits of going solar, Allie joined the Harvest Solar team to spread knowledge about solar energy while helping customers to understand how solar could work for them. Allie is an expert in solar programs for the State of Illinois working individually with each customer from small to large scale to help them understand how solar could be an asset to their business, farm, and/or home.