September 12, 2019 6am

Tecumseh, MI – A local veterinarian solar project has been nominated for Michigan EIBC’s Project of the Year! Harvest Solar is the first provider of solar energy to a utility in Lenawee County, Michigan and was the installer on the project. The Harvest Solar Lenawee project was supported through a project investor who is an existing MEC account holder and the landowner of the job site. Harvest Solar worked closely with MEC and Wolverine Power to make this project a success for everyone involved. The utility’s power- purchase offering and cooperation made the project cost effective to all parties. Were excited to share the story!

The property is owned by Dr. Laurie and Dr. Ed Tritt – veterinarians in Tecumseh MI. Their home and vet clinic are on adjacent properties to this 1MW array. As part of the MW installation, Harvest Solar also designed and installed separate smaller arrays to net-meter at their residence and at their vet clinic. They have 10 kW for the house and 20 kW for the vet clinic. Not only are Ed & Laurie being proactive in their efforts for sustainability but also saving money and generating their own electricity. Solar has gained in popularity over the last few years and now is becoming more efficient, affordable, and ecofriendly.

Since the MW project covered about 7 acres of land that was previously farmed, we wanted to make sure we properly and ethically addressed the content of the space under and around the solar array. Our engineers worked with Charles Gould of MSU Extension for this. Gould, a Bio-energy Educator at MSU, stated, “I have been working with Harvest Solar to implement pollinator-friendly native species under and around solar arrays. This is a relatively new practice in Michigan, and I am happy to partner with Harvest Solar on the Tritt site in order to perfect this concept as more solar energy is deployed on farm ground.”

Harvest prepared and planted the site with several different types of native pollinators. This reduced maintenance and supported growth of local pollinators like bees and butterflies (particularly Monarchs). These pollinators improve the yields and health of nearby crop land, and it will make the site’s soil more nutritious in 20+ years when the solar array is removed. Local harvest Representative and Site Developer, Lee Andre called the project, “The perfect coexistence between nature and technology.”

Harvest hopes this will be the first of several installations to follow in order to provide power to the utility. According to Zebarah, “Through Wolverine Power and all other utilities in the State, solar programs and policies are constantly changing, so there is always opportunity for a variety of larger projects throughout the State.” Harvest Solar is a Michigan-based, full-service Midwest provider of solar energy systems. Established in 2006, Harvest Solar manufactures, sells, installs and services solar installations for residential, commercial and utility applications. Harvest Solar can be reached at (888) 90-SOLAR or at

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