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Press Release for Immediate Release

December 21, 2018

Jackson, MI - based solar energy provider, Harvest Energy Solutions (Harvest) becomes the first provider of solar energy to a utility in Lenawee County, MI via three large scale solar array projects in the region.

The installations are owned by Stateline Farms, Gerken Paving, and Harvest Solar Lenawee. Each of these systems is capable of 1.0 MW of AC output. The power generated by these systems will be sold to Cassopolis, MI - based energy provider Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC) thanks to a program offered by Wolverine Power Co-op.

Harvest partnered with MEC when Wolverine Power offered to purchase solar energy under a program through their member-owned cooperatives. Additionally, Wolverine stipulated that the power must be provided locally from an existing member of MEC in order to contribute to the local economy. This series of solar projects created jobs in both Lenawee and Jackson counties, employed local electricians, construction workers, engineers and other professionals. Ken Zebarah, Territory Sales Manager at Harvest explained how these installations were ground-breaking projects for them:

“Historically, taking on three projects of this size at once would be a big deal. But between the cooperation from the townships, MEC and the Harvest team, the installations came together without a hitch and within the agreed upon tight schedule.”

Harvest hopes this will be the first of several installations to follow in order to provide power to the utility. According to Zebarah, “Through Wolverine Power and all other utilities in the State, solar programs and policies are constantly changing, so there is always opportunity for a variety of larger projects throughout the State.” Zebarah continued to describe how Harvest Energy’s land-leasing program will assist in facilitating projects such as this in the future and aid in local job development: “We are actively pursuing land lease opportunities for larger projects, in addition to our typical scope of work of providing solar energy systems to residences, businesses, and farms.”

About Harvest Energy Solutions

Harvest Energy Solutions is a Michigan-based, full-service Midwest provider of solar energy systems. Established in 2006, Harvest Energy Solutions manufactures, sells, installs and services solar installations for residential, commercial and utility applications. Harvest is based in Jackson, MI. Please visit http://harvestenergysolutions.com/ to learn more.