Warehouse Coordinator

The Warehouse Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the warehouse including moving inventory, pulling, and preparing supplies for shipment/transportation to the job site, receiving materials & deliveries, routine cleaning and organization duties as described. Under the direction of the Materials Manager and in full compliance with the employee handbook and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations the Warehouse Coordinator will perform duties outlined in this position description.

Major Responsibilities of Position

· Preparing and completing warehouse orders for jobs according to schedule.

· Stage deliveries using care to protect the quality of outgoing product in addition to verification of shipment quantities.

· Maintain records of materials leaving the warehouse and submit to Materials Manager.

· Prepare & load materials for transfers to secondary warehouses.

· Warehouse cleanup and maintaining it.

· Kitting roof & ground racking for jobs, including prep & cut rails as needed.

· Job Staging

· Receiving, checking in materials, processing receipts, delivery & staging of materials received.

· Warehouse transfers: Loading, Unloading, processing documentation .

· Receive and process ordered stock products, ensuring proper rotation of stock.

· Report any delivery damages or discrepancies to delivery driver, supplier, and Materials Manager.

· Support construction crew in the loading and unloading of solar installation systems.

· Process unused/returned materials back into inventory or RMA to supplier.

· Attend install planning meetings with VP of Construction, Operations Manager, and Materials Manager to plan and prepare following weeks materials.

· Perform cycle counts and inventory audits.

· Develop organization & implementation of warehouse storage.

· Small equipment maintenance.

· Fleet; Truck & trailer inspections.

· Develop & implement returns process area, returns to vendors.

· Inventory; develop layout & storage, cycle counting, order fulfillment.

· Supervise & lead crews in new processes, to maintain warehouse cleanliness, organization, safety, timely loading & departure of crews.

· Electrical components inventory.

· Move company trucks and trailers within the facility, parking lot, and for service.

· Move equipment such as bobcat, trenchers, pounders within the facility.

· Organize, label, and maintain warehouse inventory and equipment.

· Receiving and processing special order equipment for solar installation jobs.

· Ensuring the warehouse is neat and well-organized by sorting inventory and stocking the warehouse with all necessary items.

· Working with Materials Manager to ensure proper inventory levels are maintained

· Become familiar with electrical fittings, components, devices etc..

· Identification, storage, organization & tracking of large equipment.

· Advise and instruct proper safety procedures within the warehouse.

· Perform maintenance on small equipment such as generators, trenchers, and small tools.

· Perform fleet truck and trailer inspections.

· Develop a schedule and perform light preventative maintenance on small equipment.

· Develop, implement and maintain a warehouse plan for incoming materials, including locations.

· Tool/Asset tracking, maintaining location logs, sign outs, returns, inspections.

· Wire room, respooling, preparing wire for install jobs.

· Teach basic 5S principles.

Successful completion of all necessary training/classes needed to obtain CDL licensing required to operate company fleet vehicles.