Solar For Schools

Dedicated to helping schools save money and go solar

Harvest Solar was started to satisfy a goal for providing an alternative energy solution for farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners and have since expanded our products and services to provide renewable energy and energy saving products for agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

University of Michigan Solar Panels

Why Solar for Schools?

  • Educate now! Raise awareness to clean, renewable energy and its impact on the planet
  • Less than 5% of schools nationwide using solar energy
  • Offset/save on electrical costs
  • Bring positive spotlight to your school community
  • Provide educational opportunities for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math

What people are saying

"The firm was very professional and efficient over the course of the project."

"On-time, on-budget, and very responsive to questions and issues as they arose."

"Harvest Solar is a great company to work with..."

"I’m totally satisfied with the job. The solar panels they installed are producing more power than projected."

"This investment has definitely reduced our operating expenses."

"With the operation we have, the electric bills are huge. We look at this as an investment in the future of our business."

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