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Refer a Friend

Tell Your Friends About Us
Refer a friend and receive $500 Cash illustration.

Refer a Friend

We imagine your solar savings are adding up and you're embracing your new solar journey. We love it when our customers are so excited about the difference solar power is making on their home, farm, or business that it motivates them to tell their friends about us.

Our best customers often come from word of mouth. We know that customers like you have a lot to say about the value of affordable, renewable solar energy. When you share your love for solar with friends and family, we want to reward you for that.

Introducing our Refer a Friend program!

We want to thank you with $500* every time you refer your friend. As of June 1st, 2021, Harvest Solar will pay the fee for new referrals at the time the project is sold. You will no longer have to wait until the end of the project to reap the benefits of the program!

Referring a friend is easy. Simply fill out the form so that our local sales representative can start a conversation with them. We’re ready to give them the best possible information so they can benefit from solar energy because of you!

*Rules and Disclaimer:

  • Referrals must have no prior contact with Harvest Solar.
  • Referrals must have prior knowledge of your intent to be referred to us and must acknowledge that to our team. We want them to expect to hear from us, and not catch them by surprise.
  • Referrer will be paid once per referral regardless of how many solar projects the referral executes.
  • Harvest Solar employees and 3rd party sales reps are not eligible to participate in the Refer a Friend program. Both customers and non-customers are eligible to send in a referral.
  • Bonuses in excess of $600 for one calendar year will be reported to the IRS in the name of the referring party and will require a W9 from the referrer.
  • Payments will be paid out to the referrer shortly after the referred customer’s contract is signed and Harvest Solar internally approves the project.
  • Harvest Energy Solutions LLC., D/B/A Harvest Solar reserves the right to qualify the information provided