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Offset your monthly energy bills, receive tax credits, and create your own renewable energy for your home.


Harvest Solar for your home

  • Free solar site assessment
  • Save money on electric/power bills
  • Clean, safe, low-maintenance and affordable
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Reduce carbon emissions by supporting renewable energy
  • Net Metering offered in most areas we serve
  • Reduced payback opportunities through grant and low-cost loan opportunities
  • Advances in solar technology have increased efficiency, reliability and durability
  • Production warranties up to 25 years with expected lifespan of 40 years
  • One more step toward energy independence

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What people are saying

"Very knowledgeable staff. Excellent workmanship!!"

"We have a 10 Kw system that has been on line for 2 years now. It has been trouble free and performs as expected. Harvest Solar is an excellent company to deal with."

"A flawless install and excellent service."

"The gentlemen installing were courteous and extremely professional. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to go solar."

"They were efficient and respectful of our property."

"Ken at harvest was great to work with, very thorough and he was able to answer every question we had. When the crew came to install our system they were efficient and respectful of our property."

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