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Make Your Own Power, here in the Great Lakes State

Why Does Solar Work in Michigan?

Despite the cold Michigan winters, the sun still shines and going solar has proven to be a great investment in the Great Lakes state. For over a decade, Harvest Solar has been helping Michiganders save money on their electric bills. With hundreds of solar energy systems and several MW of solar capacity installed, Harvest Solar is a staple of solar energy in Michigan. Michigan utilities (primarily Consumers Energy and DTE) charge the highest electric rates in the Midwest and some of the highest rates in the country. With a solar energy system, you can replace the energy you would buy from the electric company with energy made right in your own roof or backyard. This allows you to own your own power.

With the Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the cost of the system, accelerated depreciation available for businesses, various grants available for farmers and non-profits, favorable solar policies from the electric utilities, and new solar property tax exemptions, solar energy makes more sense than ever before.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Our Solar Offering

Michigan Solar Panel Company

A nonprofit dedicated to making energy improvements easier for all Michigan energy consumers

Michigan Solar Panel Incentives

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Michigan Solar Panel Rebates

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Michigan Home Solar Panel Installation

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