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We’ll Show You Why in the Show-Me State

Why Does Solar Work in Missouri

The Show-Me State provides a lot of great reasons for its residents to go solar. Ameren currently has a rebate program of $0.25 per installed watt and is expected to last a few more years. For a lot of folks, this provides enough financial gain for solar to not only make sense for their business or home, but provide a decent return on their investment. With a solar energy system, you can replace the energy you would buy from the electric company with energy made right in your own roof or backyard. This allows you to own your own power. Harvest offers zero down loan options for both residential and commercial systems.

With the Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the cost of the system, accelerated depreciation available for businesses, favorable solar policies and solar rebate programs from the electric utilities, and solar property tax exemptions, solar energy in Missouri is a great option for your energy needs.

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Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan currently has funds for solar rebates

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REAP Grant: Deadlines and instruction on how to pursue a rural business / agricultural grant