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Go Buckeyes, Go Solar

Why Does Solar Work in Ohio

The Buckeye State has a history of renewable energy incentive programs including Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and Net Metering. Most utilities, including AEP, Toledo Edison, and various Co-Ops, have favorable solar policies. Many of these utilities offer net metering up to one megawatt (MW) in Indiana. With a solar energy system, you can replace the energy you would buy from the electric company with energy made right in your own roof or backyard. This allows you to own your own power. Harvest offers zero down loan options for both residential and commercial systems.

With the Federal Tax Credit equal to 30% of the cost of the system, accelerated depreciation available for businesses, various grants available for farmers and non-profits, favorable solar policies from the electric utilities, and solar property/sales tax exemptions, solar energy in Ohio makes more sense than ever before. Ohio also offers state-sponsored interest rate reduction programs for solar loans.

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REAP Grant: Deadlines and instruction on how to pursue a rural business/agricultural grant

Ohio Solar Power Incentives

Frequently asked question on net metering in Ohio

Ohio Solar Power Rebates

Department of Economic Development offering significant interest rate reductions for energy efficiency loans such as solar for your business

Best Solar Company in Ohio

Secure an interest rate reduction on your solar energy home loan through this program